Mamo Mia Pregnancy Treatments
The nine month jourrney is a special time, connecting with the power of touch, working with two heartbeats at once! (Treatment not suitable withing the first twelve weeks of pregnancy).

Yummy Mummy Body Wrap €85.00, 80 mins
Start with a gentle cleanse and exfoliation of your skin followed by an application of our Mama Mia body cream designed specifically to soothe, moisturise and tone your skin. Relax as you’re warmly wrapped while you recieve a lower leg and foot massage.

Nourishing Dream Maternity Massage €85.00, 60 mins
Rest at leisure as your body is soothed and your skin pampered. this decadent treatment includes a full body massage and scalp massage with oils specifically designed for pregnant women, massage using special pre-natal techniques to aid relaxation, increase circulation and alleviate tired muscles and excess water retention.

Free Your Mind ~Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage €60.00, 45 mins
A gentle face and head massage, designed to release tension, followed by a deep neck and shoulder massage, using specific pre-natal techniques.

Lighten up €60.00, 45 mins
Begin with a foot soak to energise and reduce swelling. relax and enjoy a gentle hand, lower leg and foot massage followed by a file and paint to finish.